The Woman That Drives Luxurious Bus From Lagos To Accra Ghana Mrs Josephine

The Woman That Drives Luxurious Bus From Lagos To Accra Ghana Mrs Josephine

Mrs Josephine a woman that drives G.U.O luxurious bus from Lagos to Accra Ghana



Mrs Josephine

The Picture your seeing up here is the great woman  driver that drives one of the numerous luxurious buses of GUO Transport Company from Lagos to Accra Ghana.

People are not really surprised about her being a driver but plying a route that will take about 15 hours and still make it the next day is completely unbelievable and rare.



G.U.O transport

She is a luxurious Bus Driver for God Is Great Motors (GUO), running from Lagos to Ghana. She drives 15 hours from Lagos Nigeria to Accra Ghana and drives another 15 hours back the next day.

She drives so carefully that all her passengers shower her with praises. She treats all her passengers as ONE family. When she gets to the borders, all the Immigration and custom officers all smile and compliment her because she does what many women cannot do.  Read : Made In Nigeria Cars

In this time of recession, many women would have taken into prostitution, sell their body for money. But this woman stood her ground as a strong woman. She has proved herself beyond reasonable doubt. No wonder the GUO company employed her as one of their Best Drivers. We must appreciate good women especially when they are alive. She is a good woman worth celebrating’….

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  1. But GUO company is not where she started her trade. I know her from Chisco Transport Ltd even from the 2012 if not beyond. Or us it now that your search camera beam on her? Star from where she started.

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