Nigeria immigration releases new condition to get passport

Nigeria immigration releases new condition to get passport


Nigeria Immigration Reveals New Condition For        Obtaining Nigerian Passport



                                                                                NIGERIA PASSPORT

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), yesterday releases new condition to procure a Nigerian passport that will start from January 1, 2018, will be the National Identification Number, issued by the National Identity Management Commission

The Comptroller-General of the NIS, Mr. Mohammed Babandede, after a meeting of database harmonisation committee at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, added that the condition applied to both first-time applicants and those renewing their expired document.

Babandede said the decision was taken in furtherance to the Federal Government’s efforts to ease the process of doing business in the country.

He said, “The biggest problem we are facing is that everybody is deploying his own technology; but harmonization of data will solve that.

We have agreed that from January 1, 2018, anybody who is going to apply for the Nigerian passport, whether renewal or fresh application, must first have a National Identity Number.

Why we are doing this is that we want to ease process of doing business in Nigeria.

There is no need for you to go and have your biometrics captured by the NIMC and then you come and capture again with the Nigeria Immigration Service.

Once you give us your NIN, we will collect the biometrics from the NIMC and produce your passport.

He also said he had given a directive that permits of foreigners resident in Nigeria should not be renewed without the NIN.

The NIMC workers can work in our passport office. So, when you come to get your passport, you can also get the national identity card.

The NIMC has allowed immigration workers to work in their offices. So, anybody who is coming to claim Nigerian citizenship, they will help to identify that citizen. That is the cooperation that we have had so far.”

When you want to collect anything from any government agency, we don’t need to go to get the document from any other government agency; we should be able to access it, we should be able to know whether you have paid your tax or not.

If you are coming through the airport and you want to leave Nigeria, we should be able to know that this guy has not paid his tax and you should be able to pay your tax before you depart. We are looking at one e-government and it is possible.






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